Water Heater install

So it makes  it really easy you have the wires  already have a switch already you’re  ready to roll yeah and there’s no  pressure if there’s no water pressure  there’s not going to be any flame so but  in this case it really makes it  convenient to have 12 volts right here  exactly so it looks kind of dry fit this  yeah I think we need to do that  and if we calculate it right it should  go in there and if we didn’t calculate  right it won’t go in okay let’s see here  um oh you know what this bottom ones  over just is like that I think though I  think the hole is not really square here  well could be so I’m gonna have to move  this over just slightly the top is good  isn’t that what big hammers are for bill  in some cases yes but in this case we’re  not gonna knock any sense into you so  we’re gonna move it over okay well nice  nice nice talk now bill I just can’t  imagine it we don’t really have a  opening here that’s not perfectly square.

Well no and we all know the  manufacturers wouldn’t do it  yeah here bring it out just a little bit  please light into them  so exci I got a I got a better idea  before we put that piece of wood in  there let me try it first  sure why not ma’am I will and we may  have to move the top bracket but we  don’t it’s gonna go right in there  perfect fit you should go on the same  holes I drilled  one would think you would thank you all  you let you do this on your own  okay okay now we can get to it now we  can extend those wires so Beall  connected to the back of the unit itself  yeah I’m hoping that those those aren’t  really quite flush yeah but let’s do the  wires anyway yeah we’ll do the wires  you’ve got those we’ve identified the  hot and positive and negative wires here  this is ready to go on this end you got  that one ready this one’s ready.

Which  one we got here  positive give me the black  this is really convenient not having to  run wires all the way yeah but but we  could do it a lot of the time that  converters are underneath the sink so  the power is right it’s always something  around you know always almost always  always okay yeah maybe we shouldn’t say  always let me kind of tape these  together here okay  these wires are these other two wires  aren’t going to have any power to them  they’re just sense wires but this makes  it a lot more convenient to kind of keep  them fished back they’re out of the way  to enable a drape over that water line  back there will someone good shape okay  okay so uh I think I think at this point  we’re just ready to put this thing in  you know before we do let me put the  elbows on for the water lines so yeah  lift that up.

I don’t want to scratch  that door so let me put a rag under  there okay oh yeah and the teflon tape  your favorite and mine okay  one down one down one to go so what  we’re going to do is we’re going to put  on some elf  we’re putting on the elbows here so we  can hook up the water lines and the  elbows are necessary because we don’t  have the exact configuration so we’re  using the elbows and we’ll have a little  flexibility in the existing lines there  yep little tight there  that looks good yeah what put that one  on all right this way  now we got to figure out which direction  want to go okay so they that one is  gonna go that way you know this one’s  gonna face up right okay .

Except I left the up Chris and Rindge in  there see how convenient you don’t even  have to go to the door yeah maybe we  could just leave this out you really  people have actually you got it I might  really start turning I got it  and you don’t want to over torque these  because if you over torque them you’re  just going to twist these these  connections right out of the hall yeah  and there are high quality brass  fittings they have coming out the back  so it’s really not necessary to crank  I’m down super tight yeah exactly  okay we got the wires here we still have  the switch to put in the baffle to put  on but let’s give it a dry run with is  it running the hole here see how that  you got it leave it oh listen let me get  it out of the way your arms not part of  the project nope.

Oh you didn’t put a groove in here for  it Wow nice fit look at dad it really  does look nicer than it does I’m gonna  get this door off and we’ll pull it out  one more time and put the putty tape on  before it’s finished but I’d like to  really see how yeah well it fits without  the door see this nice piece here this  is the addition to the flange that fills  the space for the loop for the larger  unit here yeah because it was a little  bit hole was a little bit smaller so  right looks pretty good let’s pull it  out and put some putty tape on it we can  do it right there here we can let me cut  myself a piece here and I’ll give this  to you  there again don’t be afraid to use a  little bit of extra cuz we’re gonna trim  it anyway it has to be trimmed and that  way you don’t have to take the thing  back out and we should put on extra hold  on let me get this off here first  sorry I need put our set of nails here  here we go  you need some acrylic so closer on that  one right to nature okay  okay at the bottom you ready  okay looks great get her back in there  slowly slow okay let’s don’t push it too  hard know what I’d really like to do is  go in and finish the inside first of the  lines on you to have a little yeah we  get a little bit of flex by not by not  nailing the outside down.

So I can move  it a little bit and the water lines  aren’t always easy to get on especially  if you have a tighter space and this so  you know once we get those water lines  on then we’ll connect this then once  we’re complete the outside portion of it  we can finish up with the with the  switch no leo  that’s a flame adjustment knob I believe  it right so we’ll do that on the inside  as well so let’s go inside but that’s it  my main concern is the water lines in  the gas line because they’re a little  bit different here the first thing I  want to do is get those in place because  they’re not quite as easy to deal with  as I would like come on  and these flare threads are a boy if  you’re not dead on there they’re not  easy to get in place once you get them  started you feel like you don’t want to  cross through them because then you got  to start all over again okay I got that  started got that started.

Now the gas  line somebody throw me a pillow and I’ll  get comfortable  unfortunately this tubing is fairly new  and it’s fairly easy to bend and as you  can see on this one the gas line is at  the back of the unit rather than on the  front of the unit there I got it kind of  got it  okay I’m gonna spin these down a little  bit before I try to tighten them it’s a  little bit easier to spin them with my  fingers and to fight it with the  wrenches always  if I can if you want to do and if you  really don’t have anything this close  you can extend these lines just by a  little bit more tubing and and some  other fittings you could even change the  fittings that go to the back of the this  one’s going to be stubborn all the way  so then once I’m fairly comfortable with  the water lines are going to fit good  then.

I’m going to start to wire it  okay I’m gonna tighten these but I’m  gonna put a backup wrench on these  because we do not want to twist one of  these fittings out of the water-heater  snug snug feels good I’m gonna tighten  the gas line while I’m right here I  don’t want to forget that I don’t want  to turn the gas on after forgetting this  and have the entire coach fill up with  gas so I want to make it a priority  we’ll check for leaks a little bit later  on one of the things I don’t want to  forget either  is it romex we pulled out of there I  want to make sure I cut these off cut  the bare ends off I’m going to stagger  these a little bit so even if the tape  comes off they can’t touch each other so  as you can see I’ve got all three of  them staggered here the ground wire the  common wire and a hot wire.

I’m going to  tape these up really well and tuck them  in out of the way  sometimes tape can count on Ravel a  little bit so I’m going to put a couple  of rows on here and then I’m pretty sure  that it’s never going to be an issue I’m  going to tuck this down inside here  where it’ll be completely out of the way  of everybody okay water lines tight gas  lines tight time to do a little wiring  so I pulled these wires before I but  connecting to the positive negative  before and brought them on this side  here so I’m going to but connect the  positive two wires together  okay positive black is positive  the negative wire is not only going to  it’s going to have three wires so that  you get the one coming out of the water  heater and we also have one coming out  of this variable flames which it comes  with a unit I’m going to mount this in  the side of the cabinet here because  it’s real convenient and then I’m going  to wire it into the remaining wires.

How to Maintain a Long-Term Profitable Blog

Just need about 5 minutes to create a new blog [blogger.com]. If you spend about 2-3 hours a day in your blogging time, so you can create about 24 blogs everyday easily. That’s so easy right?

Whatever blog you create – whether personal blog, life journal, review blog or any kind of blog – of course you want your blog remain useful for your visitors and readers as well as internet users in general. Its remain the blog with strong character, unique and interesting.

Especially for monetized blog – maintaining blog in order to make long-term profit – blog money maker – is a serious homework that need to be perform from time to time. Otherwise, the blogging efforts to create online income doesn’t end up anywhere or even you’re loosing time and money.What are the consideration need to be performed maintaining long-term profitable blog?

1. Maintain and Increase the Quality of Content Focus on content development is very important to keep your blog useful and readable. When you start create a new blog, I know you have a huge of ideas, imaginations, planning to fulfill you blog content. But after sometime, or even when your blog has produce income online, you could be lack of ideas to write new posts on updating blog. That’s happened. Its probably there are many things in your mind so that you don’t focus on that created sourced of income online from the internet.

2. Think of Blogging Time Management If you are busy person – yes most of you are busy person, I am too. Or you just going blog as a freelancer, you may make advance blog posts by make settings when you want to publish new post. You know that your reader very particular on that matter so they will know when they have to read your new post. You may also encourage them to subscribe via email or RSS reader. Try make a new post everyday – Search engines love it and reader looking for fresh information. If you cant make it, do it every two days one, or three days once, but don’t make a post every week once or every month once. So lonely….

3. Make Your Blog Up-to-Date

Follow the latest trend in the Internet. Suppose you create a special blog about gadget reviews, Mobile phone and other electronic products. Find the latest information about those product. Its good if you review the electronic products that will appear some time to come. Avoid discussions about out of date. Do some research about how to make money online with new style which is faster and easier.

None of the businesses that take care of itself [run by itself]. Its too easy! Still, you need control and management to be done in order to keep the business running and make money. How much money spend for marketing and promotion by such giant company even though their business well-established.

How To Be Rich And Why Rich Getting Richer

I read several books about how to be rich? But I really enjoy reading ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki. The book tells us about how rich people teach their kids but poor doesn’t. I am not a rich, but I want to be one. That why, I am not going to teach you how to be rich but my point of writing this because it’s some kind of self motivation. According the book that rich peoples are the person who understand aboutasset and liability, make their money works for them and they know the timing to take the opportunities. What is that exactly?

Asset and Liability

Some time we don’t know what is asset and what is liability. Asset and liability are almost the same, just like brother and sister. I was thinking that our house was asset, but according to the book, house is liability. Why?  We need to allocate some money for its repair and maintenance. Whats about the cars? that’s same thing. Smoothing that need money to spend is liability. Asset is property or business which makes money for you or at least the value remains and its not falls into depreciation. Asset covers businesses which run without your attendance, shares, obligation letters, profitably real estate and anything valuable and profitable.

Make their money works for them

Rich peoples make their money works for them but they don’t work for money. How to be come more and more money is by using money to make more. Rich peoples always add their asset and reduce liability. It’s different from me who doesn’t understand financial management, some time, if we have money and don’t know how to use. And most of the idea landed into shopping mall.Knowing time to take the opportunities

Rich people always alert on any the opportunities. Looking at things that other never doesn’t . Always come with the ideas which how it can be source income and make money. I visited one of my friends in Cilacap. She opened a saloon business during day time, and selling tela-tela; some kind of French fries made from cassava; during night time in front of the kiosk. My idea is; she uses her brain to optimize the kiosk as she rent from somebody else. So the income will be doubled. At least she can pay the rent from tela-tela sales.

There are lot more thing that we can learn from that book and many interesting article  like why we have to understand about financial, how to take care your own business,  rich people creates money, work to learn but not for money, avoid one of the biggest trap in life and more…