How To Be Rich And Why Rich Getting Richer

I read several books about how to be rich? But I really enjoy reading ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki. The book tells us about how rich people teach their kids but poor doesn’t. I am not a rich, but I want to be one. That why, I am not going to teach you how to be rich but my point of writing this because it’s some kind of self motivation. According the book that rich peoples are the person who understand aboutasset and liability, make their money works for them and they know the timing to take the opportunities. What is that exactly?

Asset and Liability

Some time we don’t know what is asset and what is liability. Asset and liability are almost the same, just like brother and sister. I was thinking that our house was asset, but according to the book, house is liability. Why?  We need to allocate some money for its repair and maintenance. Whats about the cars? that’s same thing. Smoothing that need money to spend is liability. Asset is property or business which makes money for you or at least the value remains and its not falls into depreciation. Asset covers businesses which run without your attendance, shares, obligation letters, profitably real estate and anything valuable and profitable.

Make their money works for them

Rich peoples make their money works for them but they don’t work for money. How to be come more and more money is by using money to make more. Rich peoples always add their asset and reduce liability. It’s different from me who doesn’t understand financial management, some time, if we have money and don’t know how to use. And most of the idea landed into shopping mall.Knowing time to take the opportunities

Rich people always alert on any the opportunities. Looking at things that other never doesn’t . Always come with the ideas which how it can be source income and make money. I visited one of my friends in Cilacap. She opened a saloon business during day time, and selling tela-tela; some kind of French fries made from cassava; during night time in front of the kiosk. My idea is; she uses her brain to optimize the kiosk as she rent from somebody else. So the income will be doubled. At least she can pay the rent from tela-tela sales.

There are lot more thing that we can learn from that book and many interesting article  like why we have to understand about financial, how to take care your own business,  rich people creates money, work to learn but not for money, avoid one of the biggest trap in life and more…