How to remove the cistern lid, on push button cisterns

Hi, everyone I’ve been out of a little tricky question about these systems these push-button type one of us been out of the hell you get the lid off now there’s two types this one which can come off easily and just use it to loose push buttons but push down on the siphon there and called it the flush so that’s fine but another type that use screws hidden under there and hand under there. Learn more about fixing this problem on Matt’s blog.

I’m going to show you I’ve did a really little while back I’m going to cut to it now we’re if you don’t take these screws out I’ll show you what happens if you try and lift the lid off you won’t actually down giving birth makes it rather awkward so I will clip to that now on you’ll see what happens if you don’t take the screws off and keep on lifting you’ll pull the whole thing out and I’ll show you that now okay,

Now I’ve put the buttons out they do just sniff out they’re not too bad to get out that one flaw here there’s the two buttons and they’re a bit bit awkward to get out but you can get them out is actually loosen the siphon now so I’m going to take the lid off to show you the bibs as I take it away you’ll see the siphons attached by the way,

I’ve actually taken this off of the end it’s only killed by the screw as you can see through there just unscrewing it will come away you know so I don’t screw it will be a long run so I’m gonna stick this in there now the view here we go it’s going to slide it into position okay signing it just sits in there like.

So we line these two buttons up here like so okay to screw your lid down make it’s a bit of job lining out but once it’s lined up getting screwed in there and then we’re ready to put our buttons back in okay it’s up to anyone but who buttons facing the side or back as they were entirely up to you and put these back in and we should be away with the mixer,

Then and we’ll get that one back in okay like so and they should fit like that we shoot out our flashback yeah now you got a choice you can have these around that way if you’d rather read the front and back and make sure that screwed up nice and tight and that should be the end of the job up so once again from owl thanks very much for watching catch you again.